Mix Box Assorted Plant Based Healthy Snack - Quantity 10

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This is a plant based protein healthy snack box of 10 assorted flavors made up of different kinds of gluten free grains (quinoa, multigrain) and millet (like Ragi, Sorghum), and seeds (Lotus Pop seeds).These 5000 year old food grains not only contain nutrients to nourish our body in the long run but were also used in Ayurveda (medicinal purpose).

Binge on!!! Top it, on your salad bowl!!! Carry it, to any trip!!! However you want to eat, your body will feel blessed.

Plant Based Protein Mix & Match Healthy SnackBox (Quinoa/Millet/Multigrain Puffs & Lotus Seed Pops

They are full of antioxidants, low on carbs, plant based protein and what not!!! I tried to share my research (please refer the chart below).

Benefit Chart

  • Dietary Benefits: 

    • Organic 
    • Gluten-Free 
    • No TransFat 
    • Plant Based Protein 
    • Vegan


          Rich in:

    • Anti-Oxidant 
    • Calcium 
    • Iron 
    • Folate 
    • Magnesium 
    • Zinc 
    • Vitamin B 
    • Vitamin E 
    • Fibers




    Health Benefits:


    • Cholesterol
    • Blood Sugar levels
    • Triglyceride levels

          Lowers risk to:

    • Diabetes
    • Heart disease


          Ayurveda Use

          Prevents Esophageal & Stomach Cancer


    • Gut health
    • Body weight maintenance


    • Cognitive function
    • Immune System
    • Fertility (Selenium)