About Us

Our Story

We are a mix box of health, beauty and home decor.

A boutique to enhance your beauty with exquisite yet affordable jewelry !!!

A boutique to decorate your home !!!

A venture towards healthy snacking so that you can snack it guilt free !!!

Jewelry line has always been my passion which brought me here but above all, My healthy snacking story started with my own struggle to find healthy snacks for kids. Getting different snack ideas everyday was such a challenge. Sure, you'll have gone through. So we always binged on cookies, candies, chips etc. etc. After researching various healthy grains. I realized the benefits of quinoa, age-old nutritious millets (like Ragi, Sorghum) & Lotus seeds. These are full of antioxidantslow in carbsplant-based protein and many more !!!

Snack it Guilt Free as its Healthy in Every Bite !!!

Yours Sincerely,
Owner & Founder