Summer Decorative Print Satin Silk Spanish Scarf/Beach Towel

  • Superior quality fabric offers you infinite variety of styling options.
  • Beautiful Spanish scarf can be worn as easy crochet scarf.
  • This women's' scarf is made from a fine cotton linen polyester blend and has a fine finish. It brings you a great way to add a pinch of mood-brightening rich blend of colors to your everyday looks.

Fabric/Material: Satin Silk

Pattern: Floral

Size: 180cm*90cm


  • Always use cold water
  • Fill a bucket or sink with cold water and add a specialty detergent such as Woolite.
  • Gently swirl your scarf under the water for two minutes, then rinse by submerging it in clean cold water.
  • Some people swear by adding a dash of vinegar to the water to remove the soap suds and restore shine but I’m yet to try this.
  • To dry your scarf, lay it out on a towel, fold the towel in half and press down gently to remove excess water – never spin dry it and avoid wringing it out as this will damage the fibers and distort the shape.
  • Hang your scarf out of direct sunlight and allow to dry naturally.