All Season Solid Bead Pendant/Necklace Women's Scarf/Gaiters

  • Everyday scarves and shawls of superior quality fabric offers you infinite variety of styling options.
  • Women's Fashionable Summer/Spring/Autumn Solid Color Alloy Bead Pendant/Necklace Scarf/Gaiters.
  • This scarf is made from a fine cotton linen polyester blend and has a fine finish. It brings you a great way to add a pinch of mood-brightening rich blend of colors to your everyday looks.

Fabric/Material: 70%Polyester & 30%cotton

Pattern: Pendant Scarf


  • Treat them as if they are just as delicate and always choose hand washing over machine washing as it is much kinder to the fabric and the print. However, if you choose to machine wash then do so with caution and choose a delicate setting and a low temperature.
  • I’d recommend using a laundry bag, especially if your scarf has tassels or frayed edges that are prone to knotting.
  • Spin drying can distort the shape of the scar so hang them up and let them dry naturally instead.